BTS side jobs for extra cash


Jin: Beauty Consultant - Consults you on how to achieve his level of beauty.

Suga: House Keeping Lady - Keeps your house, you go buy new one.

J-Hope: Disneyland Character - Designated Goofy.

Rap Monster: Construction Worker - Demolition crew.

Jimin: Chippendale - Frontman.

V: Museum Tour Guide - Directs you to the Egyptian mummy exhibit when you ask for the restrooms.

Jungkook: Babysitter - Watch the neighbors’ kids while doing homework.

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Stanley is my spirit animal…

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it’s so rare that you meet someone who makes you feel so warm and happy like they are like sunshine and you just want them around all the time

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Pro Tip: Instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. Everything is still horrible but you will not care at all.

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I have a very big crush on u but sadly I am only a little bug and u are a garden

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I’m sick of people wrongly defining bisexuality. It’s not ‘attraction to both men and women’ it’s about being attracted to ‘bi’ things like bicycles, binoculars, bilinguals and binary coding smh

So glad someone finally cleared this up.

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B.A.P performing Check On in Dallas

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Some precious moments of Bangtan being BIGBANG fanboys. trans

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Dove is perfect